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Debbie Lyddon

Marshscape Collage #9/2017

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Image of Marshscape Collage #9/2017

Mixed Media
20 x 20 cm
The collage is mounted onto an MDF board and has a waxed linen ‘frame’ that is attached by tacks.

Debbie’s collages are images of the Norfolk coastline that come from her memory: the shape of a bend in the creek, the rocking of moored boats or the outline of the saltmarsh. They are about shape, colour, light and space.

She makes them from bits pulled out of her big bag of odds and ends (mainly unfinished and discarded work and left-overs) and specially painted paper and cloth. It is like doing a puzzle as she move shapes and colours around until they suddenly jump into the right place – what Sandra Blow calls that ‘startling rightness’.